Friday, January 04, 2013

Theatre review: WAR HORSE

Monday night was New Year's Eve, and I had the pleasure of doing something rather special that evening. Instead of rocking up to a house party or a bar, I was one of many Melburnians lucky enough to score themselves tickets to the opening night of War Horse:

Based on British author Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 children’s book, War Horse is the story of Joey, half-thoroughbred and half-draft horse, and Albert Narracott, the country boy who loves him. When Joey is sold to the army by Albert’s drunkard father, becoming a cavalry horse amidst the horrors of the Great War, 16 year old Albert goes to great lengths to bring Joey home, struggling through trenches and gas attacks in a seemingly fruitless quest to be reunited with his steed.

Adapted for the stage by Nick Stafford in association with Handspring Puppet Company, the National Theatre of Great Britain’s War Horse is a magnificent spectacle, featuring sophisticated and striking stagecraft and remarkable life-size horse puppets made of steel, leather and aircraft cables. Additional puppets, including an engaging comic relief goose, also feature, alongside a sizeable human cast.  

My full review of the production is online over at artsHub; I invite you to read it in its entirety. 

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